I love...

everything that has wheels. Bikes, cars, skateboards.... and I love speed! *swoosh* eat my dust!


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You may know...

I'm a professional hide and seek player!

As soon as I saved enough money, I'll make my own book. Cool ya?

So what's this all about?

My name is Waikiki, and as you can see I'm a little bunny. Of course I had a life before Instagram, but I thought it would be cool to find friends all over the world and that is why I started my own Instagram account. Besides I am a very creative bunny, so I got my own webpage. I get a lot of requests about plushies wanting some help with Photoshop, or me creating something cool for them, such as ID Cards, Passports, Credit Cards or else.

If you need something or help with anything, feel free to contact me, or look in my shop, I offer several things there already.

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