There are so many things you may want to know about me, I will start a little list here …

  • I was born on June 24th (BC – before carrot)
  • I never met my bunny parents 🙁
  • Sometimes I eat meat as one of my great great great ancestors was a sabre-toothed bunny 🙂
  • Fixing things is my talent. I wish I could work as an Electricain – but would need the Bunnyfication for it 🙁
  • I want to own a BMW M5 once *saving-carrots* lalalaaa
  • Waikiki Beach was named after me *teheheheee*
  • I don’t like to eat raw tomatoes (eeek toes!!!) or Oysters *baarrrrf*
  • I’m a big Elvis Fan – cool guy!
  • I speak German, English and a little Hawaiian. 🙂
  • Webdesign is another passion of mine, it’s all self taught.
  • I can cook – when I want *tehehe*