The Tree thing


I posted about the chopped trees, do you remember? I am highly frustrated about enviroment surrounding us. It’s not just that, we are all frustrated on a high level for a longer time.

The neighbors really suck, to the left side there is a couple with 4 kids, she is from Syria, he is from Afghanistan. He is a hoarder, buys a lot and never throws away anything. That’s why we have a mouse problem in the garden, they love to live on his property. Anyways he is a liar, and so are all his family members. We now avoid any contact with them.

To the right is the Christian family, holier than Jesus, better than god. At least they pretend this and want this to be their image. We have no contact with them, they built the house there in 1987 and ever since they pretend to be something better than everyone else.  So the red big house is a inherited property. They sold is (moneymoneymoney) and the new owner (company) remodeld it and sold the tiny property, where the trees lived back to them. So someone of their family will build a house there.

Seriously we fighted centuries for this anti-noise wall, now it’s there and useless like hell. I will show you later on pics what I mean.

Anyway, in the past 7 years so many trees were cut down, we really don’t like to live here anymore. Everyone can look into our backyard, the highway pollution is increasing yearly and we have almost no trees to bring us some fresh air. Except for the big tree on our property. The afghan neighbor hates it. He chopped down allmost all his trees too when he bought the house 5y ago. He told me he likes small tress but no big tress. I tell you something. I like kids but no adults. *giggle*. He is so stupid.

We have 3 apple trees, a lilac tree and that biiiiiiiiiiiig Hornbeamtree (Hainbuche) and all trees will stay forever. The birds planted an elderberry tree in the corner of our property, we kept it but have to cut it back every year, as it’s growing over to the other property.

On the following pictures I will show you the before and after look of our neighborhood. Maybe then you’ll be able to understand our frustration. Please plant trees!

The last picture (scroll scroll) shows our area from above. I marked all chopped trees with a yellow dot (yellow line)


  1. This is an outrage! This looks to be senseless cutting of trees. There isn’t any good reason to cut it down (wasn’t dead, wasn’t causing sewage/water problems, didn’t fall on house, wasn’t in way of building a home). Poo Poo on this random act of violence against trees! Grrrrrr!

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