New Privacy EU Law…

maybe you read about it, the EU has a new Data Protection law and it is more than annoying to update all pages or blogs. Just if little bloggers would sell data they don’t even collect! HA! Another superfluous law of the EU.

But what nobunny tells you. To avoid being tracked by your IP or the Cookies your browser(s) collects, you should delete your “surfing” data every day.

I use CCleaner for cleaning my computer. Works on Mac as well. Even on your smartphones you can delete all cookies and browser history. If you don’t do that, hmmmmm.

And to get a new IP every day, you simply need to restart your Router. That Internet box you have.

In addition you should have ONE Email Address for shopping or newsletters. Well maybe two if you want to get those in separate Mailboxes. But a lot of free Email providers offer up to 5 Email addresses with one account. Just check out your possibilities. And then delete, delete and delete.

That’s more important than to read or write a privacy policy. Besides I like my cookies best with Chocolate Chips. *tehehe*


4 Replies to “New Privacy EU Law…”

  1. Waikiki, I’m in trouble. I have to comply with this for my website. 🙁

    I may need your help to understand my WIX tutorial. Maybe you can help me?


    1. I in general don’t like the EU and all the laws. Each land should have borders and have their own rules. END. This is way too much. It kinda ruins the internet.

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