April 26, 2017
by theBunny
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Stuffed Pepper Bell

the GERMAN recipe you can download here

english recipe will follow in a bit …. *working-night-shifts-for-ya*

I think I like the ones without Feta cheese better, you can also add regular cheese on top, 10 mins before the baking time is over.  🤓

PS. For the gardeners, you can seperate the seeds, dry them and use them to grow new plants. I tried it before and it worked …. *lalala*

make sure you knife is sharp!

Remember to add some broth at the bottom or they will dry out a lot. Other way to prepare them is a small pot with lots of sauce. It really depends on what you prefer !

Good luck with cooking and happy munching!


April 3, 2017
by theBunny

Plushie Meeting Frankfurt

My day started early. I was wide awake at 4am, maybe I was too excited, but only maybe *teheheee* So we had breakfast and our bus left at 7:07. Unfortunate they didn’t synchronize the bus-train arrivals, so we had to wait till 7:49am for the train to arrive and it left at 8:08am.

I was so hoppy that I got my very own seat on the train! And the view was excellent! Enough space for my footsies but no board service *aawww*

In Frankfurt we hopped directly to the Underground system, I had no idea there are moving stairs everywhere! And the underground trains are so fast *weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Our first stop was the Skyline Plaza as there is a NICI shop *lalala*

gee all these skyscapers! LOVE IT!

The NICI store had a 20% discount that day and I was very willing to adopt these two relatives, but human said no. *sniff*. Buuuhuuuut there was a real nice lady working there, and she allowed me to take pictures in the store and she gave me a gift! My very own NICI pillow! *yaaaaaaaaaaaay* I couldn’t be hoppier! Thank you sweet lady! *lalala*

In the Plaza you could see it’s the BUNNY-season. Bunnies everywhere! I said Hi to each of them

Then we hopped back to the underground system, human had a bookstore on the list. Did you know that the bookstore has a Giraffe living there? You can see the bottom of it in the basement and the head on the 1st floor! Crazy! I tell ya big cities are full of crazy and amazing things! 😎

Unfortunate we didn’t find any exciting book, but then we also had no time to look around for hours, remember the meeting was set up for 1pm!

So we hopped to the Riverside. I have never been to Frankfurt before lalalalaaaa

On top you see the famous “Römer”. The Römer is a medieval building in the Old City part of Frankfurt and has been the city hall of Frankfurt for over 600 years 🤓

The bottom picture shows a bit of the Skyline in Frankfurt. I am on a bridge here called “Eiserner Steg”. Eiserner Steg is a footbridge leading over the river Main which connects the centre of Frankfurt with the district of Sachsenhausen. It was built in the year of 1868 🙃

The big bear was really lonely and sad. His sign sais: DO NOT TOUCH. And the owners of the store really don’t want you to touch it! HOW SAD! I gave him a hug and nobunny saw it *gnihihihi* Maybe we have to call the WWF to free him????

This was the last stop before we hoppped – no wait – used underground again to our Plushie meeting at the famous Palmengarten (which was opened to the public in 1871). You can see all pictures on a seperate page (see menu).

I enjoyed meeting all my friends very much! And I really love each and everyone! My human also liked all other humans very much, so it was a great time with great plushies and great people. Too bad we can’t see each other more often. I received so many gifts, omg, I am sorry I only had Kinder Eggs but time was too short to organize anything better. But hey nobunny can deny Kinder eggs *tehehee*

On the pics you can see me with “Klee (Clover) we were roasting in the sun. And … well there were maaaaany ducks and these two came closer to see what’s going on. I was tough enough to sit and wait if they would  come closer but then they moved on. And then you can see my bunny friend “Simi” . We had a great lunch together. 😊 She was so sweet.

Another picture of Simi and me, then Klee and me infront of Tulips, they had 3,5 Trillion Tulips there (ahm more or less), and inside of a Greenhouse – this was in the Tropical Greenhouse, 90% Humidity and hot as can be (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay).

yes I could really live there! *tehehehe*

The last pictures. On the left it’s Klee and me in a Magnolia Tree. In the middle some of my friends and me climing up high to see where we have to hop to (finding the exit) and on the right it’s me at 10pm finally having some dinner! We had no time in Frankfurt as Internet said train will leave at 6.17pm and it really left at 6.10pm and we barely made it to a shop to get us a waterbottle, then we had to hop to the train. Unfortunate we had to leave this early as the last bus in our town leaves at 9.31pm and well…… that’s stoopid! hehe!

Hope you enjoyed my little trip to Frankfurt!

March 7, 2017
by theBunny

Pineapple cutting + planting

Maybe you have seen several videos or so about how to cut a pineapple. If you haven’t good. This is the bestestest way to cut a pineapple. I don’t like to cut the shell/skin thingy off from outside to inside, too complicated! 😆

In case you want to grow your own pineapple, all you need is a pineapple. Look for one that has a dark green crown, meaning it’s not dried up. It also should smell like pineapple already, which means it is ripe. Only the intact crowns from ripe pineapples really grow roots – as of my own experience – so please pick a nice pineapple. If you are smart (and as my follower you must be smart) … you also pick a real sweet type. Some are rather sour even if they write “extra sweet” on the label. If you found your perfect pineapple, let’s go……


  • a pineapple
  • a BIG sharp knife
  • a small sharp knife
  • a cup to put in the crown
  • a plate (if you wanna serve the pineapple)

Twist the crown off the body of the pineapple. Put it aside we will take care of it later.

Now cut the pineapple into half. And then cut each half again. If your knife is blunt, this will be super hard.

The core in the middle can be very woody – you don’t wanna eat that – so remove it (its usually a bit lighter in color than the rest)

now you can loosen the flesh of the peel by sliding along the botton, not too close to the peel thingy as it has eyes, and you can’t eat them either 🙄

after that you can cut little pieces like I did and even move them a little, so it’s looking fantastic. If you just wanna eat the pineapple on your own, you don’t need to do that *tehehee* but it looks nicely when you have guests.

Ok now munch a bit of pineapple, we need to take care of the crown now.

if the crown had brown or yellow leafs, rip them off. My crown now looks like this. I put it in a cup filled with water. You should check the water at least every 2nd day. Some suggest to not change the water, but it can be really smelly. I use to change the water. Put the cup at a warm place. Temperatures should be between 18.5° –  26°C (65°–79°F). Yes Texas has excellent weather for this (Hi Hope!)

When you see roots, time to plant your plant into soil. I use regular soil and I fertilize my pineapple plant ever 2 months or so. I didn’t before and they died ….*sniff*. So I guess my soil wasn’t as good as I thought. In Hawaii the ground is Volcanic and contains lots of Iron. I use normal plant fertilizer. 😌

In summer I put them in the greenhouse. And I use to spray water on the leaves in the pm, also water it in the pm. In winter my pineapples are living on the radiator 😎

The left plant is from last year, the right one from today. Even in the bestestest surrounding a Pinapple can take 2 years or more to grow a fruit. So don’t give up too early.

And now a few pictures from Dole plantation on O’ahu.

 There it’s a baby!

 I can hardly wait for my pineapple to look like this!

IF I lived in Texas (Hi Pat) my backyard would look like this *giggle*

NOW GOOD LUCK………….try it! You have nothing to lose! ❤

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