Yay I found a lost photo!

remember the day when I was cleaning the backyard with a broom? The day the cat? got me. A very, very bad day for us as also the nice little iPhone died. We had all the photos on it – don’t even ask for iCloud – and we thought all the sweet and nice photos were lost.

BUT I found a way to recover them. And it only took me a trillion years. ?

Now I can finally show you what human prepared for dinner that day. I was hurting from ears to footsies and wasn’t really hungry, but then human cooked my favorite alltime food and uuuh it was soooo delicious you have no idea!  ?

*nom-nom* thanks human!!! *lala-ouchmyear-laaaa*


and here is the other picture, I was a VERY lucky bunny that human had Band-Aid in my size!



5 Replies to “Yay I found a lost photo!”

  1. so glad you were able to save the photos even it it did take you a trillion years…and so glad you are doing so much better after that mean cat got you…take care stay out of it’s way from now on. Get human to chase it away next time…

    1. Human was busy in the frontyard and didn’t see the cat and my screaming was not loud enough! *sniff* next time IF EVER – I will use the blower again. Thanks for the worries, I am almost 100% again, just left foot hurts a tiny wee bit when I hop a lot

    2. lalala I am very hoppy too that all my photos are back. The cat well…… I tried to shhhh it away but I was too tiny *sigh*

  2. I’m very happy you recovered the missing photos. LOOK AT ME! posting a comment on you blog finally. NO problems this time.
    I going to subscribe to this. 🙂

    1. wooaa Hope I am so hoppy it finally worked and look at you! You commented on my blog *yaaaaaay* lalala thanks for subscribing 8)

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