No worries! I am not sick (yet) ?

Humans protection shield was very good for a long time. Some coughing in the past 2 weeks but we got over it – thanks to excellent anti coughing medicine. But the cousin of human even got it worse. And human spend so much time with him lately – well he is driving us around on weekends (for free…yaaaay) and that’s where human got the coughs from. ?

But today the entire body ached and some weakness appeared, that’s why I  sent human to bed and I cooked some veggie soup (find recipe under the Recipes Page).  I don’t know what else we could do. Wherever we go, to whomever we talk, people are sick. Flu, colds, whatever……..pffff. I hope it’s just a tiny cold and not the flu. But better stay in bed 1-2-3 days, just to rest and let the body handle it.

In the meantime I am updating my blog, I will read a book and some magazines and I should really consider playing Zelda on that N64. I started it and now I’m kinda addicted. I need to find Lord Jabu Jabu a big fish, but I started in Kokori Forest and I have no idea how to find that fish. *hmm* ?

I’m also updating humans Macbook. I really don’t like their update business. With Steve Jobs there were a few updates every now and then and they worked really great. Now we get updates every week it seems, also for the iPhone and the annoying pop ups are really not nice. UPDATE NOW! NOPE!  They also shouldn’t release a new phone every year. Oh well. I may have to work on a career as BOSS of Apple. I would make it great again. And I have all the education needed. I am smart and cute. END …. (should I write “Application as Super Bunny Boss” ??? ?

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