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Let me share my little bunny knowledge about Germany with you. ?

I often get PM where other plushies want to know if this or that is true about Germany. Most want to know about the food or the drinks, hmmm, so let’s start and bust some myths.

Germans love their beer, but many also don’t like beer and rather drink water, wine or whatever. Beer has a long tradition in Germany and our beer is brewed after the “Reinheitsgebot” best translated “German Beer Purity Law” from 1516. The only ingredients allowed in our beer are water, barley and hops. (hops teheheheee ? ).

Way back beer was the only thing monks were allowed to “eat” while fasting in the time before Easter. We still have many monasteries with their own brewery. But in entire Germany we have 1025 breweries (more or less). ? Very hard to ignore beer.

Wine even has a longer tradition but if we look at the last century, in Germany it became more popular with the wave of immigration in the 50’s, where thousands of Italian “Gastarbeiter” (guest workers) came to Germany and most of them never left. So we love our Pizza, Pasta, good cheese and good wine.

We also love our saussages and cold cuts. You have no idea how wide selection is, until you saw it with your own eyes (buttons or stitches). Same with bread and rolls. Endless variety and very yummy. Impossible you won’t find something to eat here (or drink).

In the past 5years organic food overstocked the market. Germans love healthy food and so we also like to know where our food was produced, if any chemicals were used and whatever else there is to know.

By now you can find organic food in every store, even the discounters have it. Discounters are not stores who have extremely cheap stuff, they just don’t have to do much advertising and don’t have a wide variety of things like the regular Supermarkets do. They are supermarkets who are cheaper, and so they also offer organic food. It’s really easy to live a healthy lifestyle in Germany.

When you visit Germany, the tragedy is that you only get a few meals to chose from when you visit Restaurants, and also only a few drinks as well. I recently learned that Elvis loved to eat “Schnitzel” when he was stationed in Germany. ? If you ever visit Germany always try the “Wiener Schnitzel”. It’s made of veal. If you read “Wiener Art” it can be made of anything mostly you get the pork version then (as it’s cheaper).

Most plushies think that we eat a lot of Saussages, Haxn and Sauerkraut, and have our beer with it. Hmm. No. Not really. Haxn and Sauerkraut is more a Bavarian thing. Germans don’t run around with “Lederhosen” and we don’t drink all day.

Oktoberfest is a Bavarian tradition. If you visit Hamburg you may be irritated as they offer a lot of fish and shrimps. In Lower Saxony as well as in North-Rhine Westphalia they will offer you Grünkohl mit Pinkel (just one example) which is Kale with a regional saussage they call Pinkel.

It’s just that you know California has different specialities than Texas, or NY, right? Nobody here expects that all Americans run around dressed as Cowboys. But a lot of people and plushies think that Germans wear leather pants and drink beer all the time. ?

I decided – as my Instagram cooking got a lot of positive feedback, that I will post recipes of the food I cook every now and then. So you can try to cook them, wherever you are on this planet.

If you live in the US you can take a look at Germandeli.com to find original German products. But read the small letters too, some stuff is produced in the US, you need to look for importet from Germany products okay? ? If you have more questions, feel free to write me ?

Potatoes with fried egg

4 Replies to “Typical German”

  1. hehehehehehee…..”buttons or stitches.” hehehheehe I know you were thinking of me when you wrote that.

    I had no idea that Oktoberfest is more of a Bavarian thing. What’s the difference between Bavarian and German?

    Thanks bunny!

    1. way back (1871-1945) the Germany Empire was a thing of independent duchies, kingdoms and free cities etc and so they had their own habits. Bavaria was a Kingdom from 1806-1918. They still (some) want it back (good idea) ….. and their traditions are still their traditions, of course it now belongs to entire Germany but each area in Germany still has particular traditions, costumes etc. 🙂 Does that answer your question Hope?

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