How to freeze soup…

in case you cooked a lot of soup – like really way too much for one bunny – you can always put some in the freezer for later. Well you will need a freezer. ? In case you don’t have a freezer, you can’t freeze the soup so you better call all your friends for a little brunch on sunday. *tehehehe*

Okay back to the soup. My soup. I cooked way too much. Well I was just into cutting veggies till I realized I had cutted too much. But then I didn’t want to waste one piece of carrot so I made a big pot full of soup.

Before you freeze it in, make sure the soup cooled off completely. The warmer it is when you put it in the freezer the more energy the freezer eats to freeze the soup. I put my pot outside for an hour, as it’s super cold out there, and the soup was really cold after the hour of waiting.

to freeze the soup in you’ll need

  • some zip bags or just any bags that are ok to put in the freezer
  • a measuring cup
  • a pen to write on the bags
  • if the bags have no zipper you’ll need rubber bands
  • a soup ladle

now take a bag and put it in the measuring cup. I figured out this is the easiest

way for beginners to handle it. Of course you can put it right in the bag but as I wanted the same amount in each bag, I am doing it with a measuting cup. It should look like this now:

Ok now make up your mind how much soup you want to fill in. You can make smaller servings or bigger ones. I decided I want to fill 500ml which is one full measuring cup.

now close the bag – if you have a zipper bag close it. If you are using rubber bands. use that.

At t

Don’t forget to write what’s inside on the bag BEFORE you put the soup in. You are free to print labels etc. I just do it the easiest way.

I had a total of 5 bags. Now I can have super delicous soup whenever I want. lalala. Enjoy!?


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