I created the Christmas Tree video and it got a lot of feedback.
Never did I expect everybunny would love it so much ?

And some asked how I created it. This kind of movie is called “stop motion”. Kinda like an old flip book only digital.

You will need a Tripod and a camera – or smartphone. If you want to use your smartphone you need a smartphone holder for the Tripod.

Then you set up the scenery and move your object a bit and you must take a picture from every tiny move. In the end you may have 500 pictures that need to be put together.
On my Macbook I use “Stop Motion Studio” which is also available as App in the Appstore ?

I know you can also just take the pictures with the App on your Smartphone, then the App will do all the work for you and make a video out of your pictures. On the computer you are able to do much more, at least I think so. Smartphones are hard for me to deal with as I have small paws and can’t carry that phone all day. If you have a good tablet, you can also use that ….. but the camera should be really good ? and you also need a tablet holder

Then the music. I think there are plenty of music pieces without any license on the market, I need to use them on future projects, even though I like oldies the best, and Sinatra is really cool. Some Apps come with a few audio files and sounds but there aren’t too many.

I hope these info will help a little. If you have a question just ask me!

and here is my movie again, I set up a Video Page, where you can find all future videos as well.?


3 Replies to “The Christmas Video”

  1. The video is really cool I absolutely love it..Not sure I would be able to make one like that but thanks for the info regarding how to do it…You are so talented…

    1. oh Thanks a bunch! With a little time and passion everybunny can do it, but then, not everybunny is as talented as I am *giggle* hihihi *big-hug*

  2. hi Bunny Friend! I love the video. I think you have great screen presence. My comment is about your snow falling on the screen and it accumulates on the bottom. I think that’s really magical.

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